Meet Bev Evans

Bev Evans: Combining a wealth of financial expertise with a personal passion for helping others

Retirement income options

Planning your retirement involves income and it’s a fundamental pillar to living the life you want upon retirement. By effectively managing your portfolio our team can create a predictable, tax-efficient income stream for years to come thereby allowing you to retire with confidence. This income may come from the following sources:

Retirement Income Fund (RIF) – 
A RIF gives you the flexibility to determine the amount of income you withdraw each year from your retirement savings. You may receive a required minimum annual amount, according to a predetermined schedule set by the federal government or opt for any figure above the minimum. You may change the income stream at any time and you only pay tax on the money you withdraw from your plan each year.



A wealth of expertise

Bev has been a lifelong learner and is dedicated to continuing to enhance her qualifications and skills. In addition to professional designations, she has long been committed to a business coaching program to keep her sharp as a business person and leader. Her designations include: 

  • CFP • Certified Financial Planner 
  • TEP • Trust and Estate Practitioner 
  • CIM • Certified Investment Manager 
  • EPC • Elder Planning Counsellor 
  • Insights into Aging 101 • Baycrest Geriatric Centre 
  • Loss & Bereavement Sessions 

A passion for helping others

Bev as an author 

Bev believes strongly in educating and informing her community. A talented writer, she has contributed to many articles, publications and books. She has also spearheaded two books of her own with co-authors. Bev’s love for educating her clients and her community on how to successfully manage their wealth throughout their lifetime is front and centre in all of her publications. 

Her books include: 

When Life Changes: What to do before and after it does. (Dr. Bill Webster with Bev Evans.) This easy to read short novel is the perfect resource for helping those who have recently faced a loss. The book presents the story of a widow’s journey after the loss of her husband. It touches on both the emotional and financial impact of the loss and provides practical advice about the steps to take and the resources necessary to get back on one’s feet. 


What Next? Navigating Later Life Transition. Bev led a partnership with five expert co-authors across a range of fields to create this comprehensive guide. It provides practical information to help people plan ahead in later life and ensure they and their families can make informed decisions with confidence. This booklet is a great conversation starter and a valuable tool to help the generations talk about difficult topics like moving from the family home. 


Bev as an expert and educator 

Bev is often sought out by the media for her deep knowledge and leading approach to wealth management. She has been interviewed extensively on a range of topics that include: gender differences in retirement planning, recognizing the risks faced by widows, planning for retirement transitions, gender communication differences, and specializing in advising seniors. 
A long time student of aging and holder of the EPC designation, she has recently been approached to join the faculty of the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies.