Our philosophy

Trusted advisors to busy professionals

Accounting professionals lead busy, demanding lives. With commitments to business, family, sports, charities and hobbies, many do not have the time, expertise or inclination to manage their money. Dalton Investment Partners is committed to providing personalized expert advice that is valuable to our clients, keeps them on track to achieve their retirement goals, and frees them up for what matters most.

Significant wealth requires sophisticated, highly customized strategies. Dalton Investment Partners believes in building meaningful relationships with a limited number of clients, taking the time to learn and understand their family’s most important priorities now and in the future. While significant wealth brings complex challenges, our experience, passion and perspectives can help our clients simplify their lives.

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our clients by providing them with exceptional and comprehensive wealth management advice. We nurture relationships based on integrity and trust, protecting our clients’ financial interests, and helping them meet and exceed their goals.

Our goal is to be known by our clients as “Trusted Advisors”.

As an insurance advisor, Blake Dalton, CFA can consolidate your investments with your estate and insurance solutions to help you minimize tax.

We help our clients define their long-term investment success in the context of lifestyle sustainability 

“Like many professionals, I have an extremely demanding job that leaves me without much time to address personal financial needs. Blake has been great about being patient and persistent in his follow up, making sure that our retirement planning receives the expert attention it deserves and letting nothing slip through the cracks, while simultaneously respecting that everything must fit in around my substantial commitment to clients.” 

— Monika Szabo,
Partner at PwC

“I am very impressed with (Blake’s) integrity, insight and knowledge, that are apparent in all aspects of his practice, and his clear focus on protecting and enhancing his clients’ wealth.” 

— Andrew Marsh,
CEO, Richardson Wealth

“I appreciate Blake’s focus on reducing the amount of time and stress typically involved in managing my money. I know that I can trust him to bring prudent insights and investment recommendations to our portfolio and explain the strategic importance of them.”

— Debbie Baker,
Partner at PwC