Our process

Our process is a disciplined, plan driven approach to wealth management.

Our focus.  Long term.

Through understanding your needs we design a wealth management strategy which provides the framework for the management of your investment portfolio. This framework will encompass asset allocation, risk tolerance and income projections. Our holistic approach leads us into all aspects of your wealth plan, including insurance planning, funding personal goals, and meeting retirement needs.


An in-person review ensures that we have understood all of your requirements and that you are comfortable with our recommendations and strategy – only then do we implement your personalized wealth plan.

Guide and review:

Through open communication and ongoing monitoring, we ensure that as markets, economic or personal circumstances change, we assess your portfolio and make adjustments to your strategy to capitalize on any opportunities that have been created.

Tools we use:

You will become familiar with the tools we use to monitor and communicate. Regular reviews (in person or by phone) ensure open communication. Service Plans and Investment Policy Statements help to create a ‘roadmap’ of your needs, guiding us into the next steps and helping to focus our discussions to your top priorities.

Through our partnership with Richardson Wealth, we utilize our Tax and Estate Planning Professionals, including lawyers, accountants, and estate planners to help you preserve and enhance your wealth.