Investment approach

Our investment approach is our number one focus and priority; it’s the heart of our practice. Being a discretionary practice allows us to make investment decisions on our clients’ behalf so we can capitalize on opportunities. We don’t “farm out” decision-making to fund managers, every security you hold is hand-picked based on in-depth research and over 25 years of industry experience.

Our clients hear us talk a lot about investing for the next 30 years, not the last 30 years and we find that in disruptive ideas that are reshaping our world. We’re in a period of social and technological change and that creates opportunity. Innovative and disruptive companies are a vital part of a diversified strategy that meets a carefully laid out vision for our clients based on their appetite for risk, their values and their financial goals.  

We take many different factors into account when analyzing portfolios including:

  • Growth vs. Value stocks 

  • High vs. Low P/E 

  • Canada vs. USA investing 

  • Various business themes that are occurring globally 

We are focused on building long-term portfolios that will make you money while making sure we are investing to a risk tolerance and investment objective that makes you most comfortable. We’re transparent in our approach. Being at Richardson Wealth gives us the independence to make transparent decisions and offer advice that is in our clients’ best interest.

Our process

  • Identify and assess your financial goals and level of risk tolerance 

  • Work to develop a strategic and effective in-depth plan that takes into account your current financial picture 

  • Implement an investment plan unique to you

  • Track and monitor its progress over the short and long-term

  • Keep you informed and meet at your desired frequency to review your portfolio, re-evaluate and re-balance where necessary