Philanthropic legacy conversations for The Calgary Foundation

As a member of their Advisor Engagement Committee, The Calgary Foundation recently asked Susan to teach other advisors how the Net Worth Thinking Lens framework for philanthropic legacy conversations works.

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2021 Annual Report

Susan comments on her search for a new home for her business and why Richardson Wealth fit the bill in this year’s annual report.

Click here to read Susan’s comments and learn more about all the great things happening at Richardson Wealth.

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In the news

Legacy giving has long been a passion and focus for Susan. It's a way for her to guarantee she is leaving the world a better place for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Read Susan's interview in Calgary Herald here to learn more about her experience and why this type of charitable giving may be a good fit for you. (May 15, 2024)

Read the tips Susan shared for helping couples set aside secret spending in favour of total transparency in the Globe and Mail (February 15, 2024)

Are you leaving money on the table? Invest in a Registered Disability Savings Plan
Financial Post (May 25, 2023)

How to share values and wealth with grandchildren effectively
The Globe and Mail (June 22, 2022)

Should young investors buy preferred shares? Advisers say, typically, no
The Globe and Mail (April 18, 2022)

Susan O’Brien featured in The United Way of Calgary's 2022 Honour Roll, sharing what serving as the Major Donor Cabinet Co-Chair has meant to her (see page 9)

Richardson Wealth sets target for half of its advisers to be female within five years
The Globe and Mail (December 28, 2021)


Money lessons you can teach your kids

What is one of the number one tips to ensure lasting generational wealth for your family? Teach your children about money.

Helping your children learn about spending, saving, and sharing helps them improve their financial literacy at an early age and develop healthy, smart financial habits that last for a lifetime.

Recently I had the opportunity to appear on the Maple Money Podcast with Tom Drake to discuss the money lessons parents and grandparents need to be teaching their children. From the three jar method to how to help your children begin investing, Tom and I had an excellent discussion about a number of ways parents can begin helping their children develop strong financial skills today.


Financial planning for Canadian business owners

Something my clients often ask me about is how they can start teaching their children about money. Every family should be facilitating deep, meaningful discussions about money with their kids and grandkids as early as possible.

In fact, I’ve taught financial literacy to children as young as three years old, and I often continue these conversations with them well into their young adulthood.

Since there are so many different techniques and questions for teaching financial literacy to children, I was happy to share my advice on the Financial Planning for Canadian Business Owners Podcast with Jason Pereira. Tune in to learn from Jason and I about how you can teach your kids about money, and how those conversations and lessons can evolve through every stage of your child’s development.


Calgary Business Podcast

I was invited on the Calgary Business Podcast to discuss the importance of talking about money, dive deep into the 4 Net Worth Thinking lenses, and how to navigate your investment portfolio during the pandemic.

I understand that having money conversations with your family can be difficult. As high net worth individuals, you might worry about the effect your wealth will have on your children. Listen to this podcast to learn how you can bring your families into money conversations and why it’s important.


Canada’s Podcast — My Entrepreneur Journey

Thank you to Canada’s Podcast for inviting me to speak about Net Worth Thinking.

Listen here to learn about my journey as an entrepreneur, how to apply the Net Worth Thinking Process in your financial plan and what my thoughts are on retirement.

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