Added value


Online account access

  • MyRichardsonWealth enables you to stay connected anytime and anywhere using our easy-to-navigate and mobile responsive system, allowing you to connect using your phone, tablet or computer

  • View your holdings in real time

  • View a summary of all your account information

  • Securely communicate and share documents with your Advisor Team using messages

  • Group multiple accounts or family members together to view consolidated holdings  

  • Access your statements, trade confirmations and tax documents

  • View/download a single document or export multiple documents to folders on your computer

  • View quotes and charts on mutual funds, equities and options 


Detailed custom reporting

  • Customized reporting providing a personalized overview of your accounts which include growth of your portfolio, net invested VS. market value, returns over various periods and asset breakdown. This report has been designed for your ease of understanding.

  • Detailed quarterly and monthly statements 

  • Educational seminars, reports, newsletters


Liaison with industry professionals

  • Our specialists collaborate with other advisors, accountants, and lawyers to coordinate and ensure that everyone is working in alignment to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

  • Through our team, in partnership with the Tax & Estate  Planning Team, you will  have access to an in-house team of lawyers, accountants, insurance  professionals, tax experts and financial and estate planners. 

  • We recommend strategies that address your wealth planning needs, ensure their implementation and provide ongoing advice.

  • With your permission, our team will also work with your pre-existing professional team to create synergies.


Client review meetings

  • Semi-annual face to face reviews — we encourage client to book meetings anytime outside of these as well

  • You will receive a clear and comprehensive summary of your portfolio- showing exactly how your portfolio is performing. 

  • Account documentation is updated, and allocations are reviewed to account for any material changes