Our process


Cash flow ▶

By incorporating cash flow and net worth projections, our team will be able to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the income your lifestyle requires. Analyzing monthly expenses and creating a budget allows us to work together to create and recommend a portfolio which meets your unique cash flow requirements.


Tax and estate planning ▶

It is important to work with your estate lawyer to update your Will and Power of Attorneys. Financial planning means looking at all aspects of your financial lives. Ensuring your kids or beneficiaries are properly taken care of is extremely important.  Our team will work directly with your accountant to provide tax projections based on your current income and ensure you are taking advantage of all the possible deductions.


Asset allocation ▶

Our team will run an analysis of all existing investments and create a new asset allocation tailored to your specific risk tolerance and investment objectives. Your asset allocation strategy will take into consideration asset location and how best to maximize the tax treatment of investments per accounts such as RRSPs and Tax-free Savings accounts. 


Financial planning ▶

From the cash flow and expense analysis we will have a better handle on projecting into the future. We will set assumptions and goals that will give us a base plan. This is an ongoing plan that changes as your circumstances change. As we have our review meetings, we can update the plan to see if any changes need to be made.


Insurance ▶

Financial planning, puts a focus on risk and for most of us the risk of not achieving our goals could be due to illness or untimely loss of life. Ensuring that money is set aside to care for yourself and your loved ones can give you a sense of ease as you deal with getting healthier. We will address areas of Critical Illness, Disability, Long Term Care and Life Insurance. 


Holistic approach

holistic approach to wealth planning. Contact us if you require assistance accessing this content.