Our clients

The Seidman Group: Protect. Prosper. Peace of Mind.

Our clients have done what it takes to be successful — they've worked hard and taken risks. Now they want to protect and grow that wealth for future generations and give back. That is why they come to us.

Affluent families have many advantages, and also many challenges. Knowledgeable and experienced in handling and meeting all of these needs, we help our clients have peace of mind and a sense of well being, knowing their financial affairs are properly, professionally and appropriately managed.

Our typical client is an entrepreneur or professional who has enjoyed tremendous success in their careers. They are either still working or retired from their business activities. They have amassed significant wealth and seek stable, consistent returns, with low volatility. Retirement, succession, family wealth transition and estate planning are key areas of focus in our practice. A common theme among our clients is the desire to leave the world a better place than they found it. Helping our clients achieve their philanthropic interests is one of our most gratifying pursuits.

Rightly, our clients are unsatisfied with "being down less than the market,” and want consistent capital preservation and growth. Our success is measured by achieving each client's individual and personal benchmarks, based on pre-established, mutually agreed upon goals. People often come to us after they have been hurt by previous investment losses, typically resulting from an ill-suited portfolio. Our investment approach is 100% tailored, rather than other common practices of trying to fit a client's needs into one particular style.

Many need help in clarifying goals. The concept of "just make as much money as possible without losing as much as possible” may sound familiar, but in reality, people have very divergent and specific ideas of what that means. We believe the success of one's portfolio should be measured by its utility. Taking unnecessary risk makes little sense and most people are rightfully averse to it. We help our clients establish priorities and set a plan to accomplish them, taking on only as much risk as is necessary to do so.

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"Your continued attempt at excellence in your field always impresses us both, and you are obviously a great team.
We were discussing our financial picture on the way home from our meeting and it is great to see that
you really do have a great grasp of what our needs are as we get older.
We look forward to continued growth in our portfolio and to working together for many years to come.”