Our services

The ultimate wealth management experience – and sound sleep at night

We focus on providing high net worth families, entrepreneurs and Bay Street executives with robust, long-term, tax-efficient, risk-adjusted portfolios and complete financial planning services, including tax-wise estate and succession planning.
Our entrepreneurial clients and their families benefit from Paul's ability to delineate between capital allocated to entrepreneurial endeavours and capital dedicated to long-term family lifestyle needs and retirement savings. Of far greater importance than buying and selling stocks is bringing investors the peace of mind of knowing that sound plans are in place to help them achieve both their business and personal goals.
Properly structured plans enable our clients to ignore the noise of the financial world and focus on what they do best, whether it’s building or running a business, leading a team, or caring for patients. Our most important role is coaching clients to keep their minds on their dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations; our most rewarding role is watching as they achieve them.