Our process

How we orchestrate your financial success

The wealth management process

Filtering out noise. The most successful investors do not get caught up in the day-to-day noise of stock tips, media sound bites and rumours of the next big merger or acquisition. Our clients understand their long-term plans so they stay the course and don’t lose faith at a critical moment. Far from being passive managers, we constantly monitor market influences and opportunities, always considering whether action is warranted.
Investing in strategies built by the smartest minds in the business. This gives us the freedom to use our skills to perform highly-customized financial and succession plans and work closely with your team of professional advisors. 
Financial planning to maximize tax efficiencies. In consultation with the Richardson Wealth Tax and Estate Planning Team, we provide you with high-level advice and then collaborate with your accountant and lawyer, who execute the fine details. We get our team and yours working together and keep an eye on the big picture. Rather than getting silos of advice, you get one consolidated, efficient plan; we shepherd that plan through to completion, ensuring advice gets implemented into action.
Managing risk. We ask ourselves four questions: Are we avoiding undue risk of volatility? Are we taking enough risk? Are we honouring each investor’s unique risk tolerance? Are we getting enough return for the risk we’re taking?
Exploring unique opportunities. Through our connections in the industry, Paul’s background in the institutional side of the business, and the entrepreneurial, independent culture at Richardson Wealth, our team provides access to unique investments and alternative strategies you won’t find anywhere else – nimble, sophisticated investments managed by smarter people.