1. Evaluate

  • Getting to know you.
  • Understanding your current situation.
  • In-depth analysis of your financial goals.
  • Establishing a time horizon for your retirement goals and needs.
  • Evaluating your risk tolerance.

2. Analyze and Plan

  • Income tax analysis leading to its reduction and optimization during your hard-working and retirement years, allowing cashflow improvement.
  • Current investment analysis to establish the optimum and most tax efficient asset allocation protecting your patrimony from inflation and helping you achieve your financial goals.
  • Retirement goal analysis and building the proper plan allowing its implementation in the most tax efficient way.
  • Estate analysis and building a tailored plan protecting it from all hidden and unknown taxes.
  • Presenting you with a personalized financial plan tailored to your goals and needs.

3. Implement

Executing our comprehensive plan through the appropriate strategies:

  • Tax optimization and reduction.
  • Strategic and tax efficient investment allocation.
  • Debt reduction and cashflow enhancement.
  • Insurance solutions and risk management.
  • Business succession.
  • Estate protection (wills, mandates and trusts)
  • Charitable giving.

4. Monitor

  • Ongoing servicing.
  • Regular review meetings.
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing.
  • Addressing evolving goals