What do we provide?

We recognize that strategic wealth management and long-term planning looks different for everyone and every family. We work to provide long-term, tax-efficient, high-quality service that is specific to each of our clients’ needs. Our goal is to protect our clients' assets while achieving returns that will benefit them, their beneficiaries, and the future generations of their families. We also work to position our clients' wealth so that they, and the future generations of their families, are in the best after-tax position over the long term. That is why we invest our efforts in areas such as Will and Estate Planning, Trust Planning, and Tax Efficiency Planning along with other client-specific services.


Our areas of focus:

Financial Consulting and Planning

Will and Estate Planning

Trust Planning (Inter-Vivos and Testamentary)

Securities and Options Trading

Tax Planning


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Our clients:

Individuals and Families





How do we do this?

Authentic relationships

Our team works hard to develop authentic relationships with our clients in order to gain an understanding of how to best manage their wealth and provide only valuable information that is specific to each person.


Investing for growth and protection

When it comes to investing, our priority is to acquire high-quality holdings that enable a market position that is poised for growth and also protective of our clients’ assets.

“When it comes to our clients, our top priority is the protection of capital, income paid, and solid, sustainable holdings that trend upwards.” - Lewis Dyck


Valuable and professional partnerships

We work hard to be experts in our field. We also work hard to create valuable and professional partnerships with other field experts so that our clients are well taken care of on all financial fronts. Because of the partnerships we have with professionals in supporting services, we are able to provide our clients with additional resources and products such as Will and Estate Planning, Tax Efficiency Planning, Corporation structure, and Intergenerational Planning.


Non-negotiables along the way

  • Our clients come first … always
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity in every action and interaction
  • Quality services and products
  • Providing only valuable information