Breakfast at Tesla

We have held several events where guests got to test-drive a Tesla and learn about fossil-fuel free investments. The presentations also offer advice on financial planning that is tailored to professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. Ask us about upcoming presentations.


Along with some of our best colleagues, we offer presentations tailored to medical professionals, which they attend while on a CRUISE! We provide valuable advice on financial planning and focus on the specific needs and risks of medical professionals and their corporations. Ask us about upcoming cruises.

The ELNA project

We are part of a massive project that will feature presentations throughout the country at various ELNA clinics. The content will focus on financial planning advice for medical professionals. Ask us about upcoming presentations.

The McGill residents program

We are currently working with McGill University to educate residents in the medical field on how to set up their financial future. Presentations are held throughout the year at various locations. Ask us about our next event.