Working with you

We help clients move through points of transition in a multi-faceted approach. What does that look like? Maybe you’re a successful woman at the height of your career looking for someone to help you approach your finances more strategically and in a tax-optimized way. Or maybe you’re a wealthy family preparing your estate and the transfer of wealth to the next generation. Perhaps you’re a business owner looking to exit while preserving the hard work and energy you’ve put into your business. Or maybe you’re facing a major loss in your life – the loss of a partner through death or divorce.

Let’s talk about your situation and needs. We’re here to help you navigate these emotionally turbulent and financially complex times. We have a decade of experience in wealth planning and portfolio management. We will come to every question, every concern, and every opportunity with an eye for details – what are the critical decisions? What could we be overlooking? What role do insurance and tax and estate planning play?

We know our limits and when to bring in your outside counsel and Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of experts. We want you to feel secure, understood, and confident in your choices.

Our process

magnifying glass - discovery


Get to know you and your goals. 

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clipboard - set-up


Establish the accounts and begin transfer of funds.

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Implement Plan

Develop comprehensive financial plan and aligned investment portfolio.

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Track life changes and milestones, review and rebalance.

Reach out to talk about how we can support your growth.