Our services

Trusted wealth management

With a comprehensive understanding of your needs, preferences and circumstances, we provide personalized investment solutions designed to enhance the growth of your assets and provide protection from downside risk.

We have years of experience and a particular focus on income-oriented securities, which is what many retirement-bound investors need right now: the knowledge to balance a combination of these vehicles to achieve steady levels of growth that come very close to the risk-adjusted returns most investors want from the equities markets.

Our disciplined strategy favors income-oriented securities combined with conservative equity positions, particularly dividend-bearing stocks. As a former Treasurer of a foreign exchange bank, Hal is well versed in all types of investments beyond traditional stocks and bonds, such as options, futures, derivatives and foreign exchange trading. However, the vast majority of our investors prefer conservative, proven income-generating equities and higher-yielding fixed income instruments such as convertible corporate bonds, preferred shares, dividend-bearing equities, and an assortment of high-quality bonds to generate enough income to fund their retirement needs.

Our proven process:

1.    Profiling  — We profile your financial situation, time horizon, risk tolerance level, goals, and expectations.

2.    Proposal — We prepare a roadmap for your financial journey, incorporating our asset allocation strategy and service and communication commitments.

3.    Implementation — We select investments to implement the asset allocation, ensuring they are aligned with your risk and return objectives.

4.    Review — We monitor your portfolio and adjust and refine as necessary. Every quarter, we provide a statement summarizing individual securities held in your portfolio. Each month in which a transaction has been made, you receive a monthly statement. Online account access provides up-to-date account information and market data 24/7.