The Vision

To meet the unique wealth goals and needs of our clients by utilizing our institutional portfolio management process to steward our clients’ financial capital with custom solutions.




About McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel

McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel is a boutique wealth counselling practice, providing custom stewardship of our client’s total wealth situation. McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel is part of Richardson Wealth, the largest independent wealth advisory firm in Canada, since 2012.


Our team is based in Calgary, Alberta, and our principal Portfolio Managers boast over 40 years of combined capital markets experience. 


We recognize that every situation is unique, and that our clients come from various backgrounds encompassing all spheres and stages of life, and that one solution does not suit all. Our approach is grounded in this conviction, and we strive to provide each client with a unique, personalized financial and investment management solution, tailored to their unique situation, utilizing our high-quality process.

We provide custom, risk-managed investment and wealth solutions to Private & Institutional clients across Canada.


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