The Portfolios

We at McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel know that the ability for investors to access global capital markets and create passive, cost-effective investment portfolios is easier than ever before. This is why our mission within our portfolio management process is to build truly diversified portfolios that align to your unique goals and needs from your financial capital.




Our portfolio management approach...

is founded by our previous experiences working in boutique, institutional and family-office environments. These experiences form the background of our institutional asset allocation framework and investment process for your portfolio construction. We utilize this high-quality process to construct globally diversified, concentrated multi-asset portfolios to steward your financial capital. Our portfolios can and do incorporate direct investments in equities and bonds, as well as the usage of targeted Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and pooled funds (Mutual Fund Trusts/Partnerships).


Our process integrates the following:


  1. High level macroeconomic research in the formation and review of our top-down asset allocation strategy.
  2. A robust quantitative scoring and ranking system for individual security, credit, exchange traded fund analysis.
  3. Institutional approach to third party manager selection, including an RFP process and a structured manager review process.
  4. Focused technical analysis around short term trading decisions.
  5. Our Investment Committee sits weekly to go over both the top-down asset allocation positioning as well as bottom-up discussions on individual holdings within client portfolios. We also maintain an Advisory Council, with which we have conversations on a regular basis around global macroeconomic and financial markets.

McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel manages portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means that our Portfolio Managers assume responsibility for the creation and ongoing management of our client portfolios, as dictated in their unique Investment Policy Statement.


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