The Approach

At McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel, we believe that at the heart of every successful client relationship is trust, and we seek to establish and foster long-lasting trusting relationships centered around our approach to stewarding our client’s capital. We partner and work with both Private Client & Institutional clients.




Our approach to wealth and capital stewardship...

is rooted in the belief that no two situations are the same, and therefore, no two solutions should be the same when addressing our client’s unique needs and goals. These unique needs and goals are initially identified at the onset of our working relationship, during the initial discovery phase, along with developing an understanding of each client’s risk appetite, both tolerance for risk as well as capacity for risk, as it pertains to the portfolio constructed in the pursuit of reaching your goals.


This comprehensive review and assessment of each client’s needs, goals, and risk profile, culminates in the formalization of your unique Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This IPS documents a set of guidelines and rules under which our Portfolio Managers manage the day-to-day investment portfolio on your behalf. Using the personalized IPS as the guiding document, our Portfolio Managers then utilize our comprehensive investment process to curate, implement, and manage a portfolio that is uniquely tailored to each client.


We understand that life is fluid...

and through regular reviews and the building of deep relationships with each client, as life events occur that impact or change any of the needs, goals, and risk budget of the client, the IPS and ultimately the investment portfolio and plan evolve along with the client, so that your wealth management solution continues to reflect your needs and goals.


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