Private Wealth

We recognize that our private clients come from various backgrounds, encompassing all spheres of life, and that each unique situation requires a custom solution.




At McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel, we view each household as their own family office, with various members, beneficiaries and different pools of capital under that household targeting different goals and different time horizons, and with differing associated risk profiles.

Our Private Client households engage with us in the development of customized Investment Policy Statements across the various members and pools of capital within the complete household umbrella. We strive to work with all the various members and beneficiaries within the household and strive to be the central pillar of the household’s wealth management planning and solution.

Holistic Wealth Solutions and Planning

We understand that the actual investment portfolio is but one part of our clients' financial solution. This is why we encourage and work with all our private clients towards the development of a total wealth plan. This includes conversations and education around tax, insurance, trust, and estate matters. With access to our in-house Richardson Wealth Tax & Estate Planning team, as well as our strong network of outside professionals, we ensure that our clients' unique situation and needs are addressed comprehensively.

With a wealth plan, we endeavor to give purpose to the various pools of capital under a household. We believe that when we assign a goal, target, and purpose to our investable capital, our clients can more easily ignore the noise that pervades our day-to-day life in society today and remain focused on the long-term goal that they are saving their hard-earned income and investing towards achieving.

Portfolio Management

With the identification and definition of the various pools of capital under the household into their respective Investment Policy Statements, we construct and implement portfolio solutions tailored to each identified pool of capital across the household. We manage these portfolios with a focus on tax efficiency, with the goal the maximize the after-tax returns of our clients' capital. Please see our portfolios page for a deeper look into our institutional-grade portfolio management process.


What our Private Clients Receive


  1. Comprehensive household and individual discovery, including understanding of risk tolerance, identification of needs and goals, and development of unique Investment Policy Statement for all pools of capital.
  2. Engagement in wealth planning process, if desired, including but not limited to
    1. Development of financial projections and retirement analysis.
    2. Insurance needs analysis and review of current insurance in place.
    3. Engagement with our Tax & Estate Planning team on specific tax, trust, and estate discussions and planning.
    4. Engagement with your current outside professional services to ensure that all your professionals are working coherently towards your goals.
  3. Construction, implementation, and ongoing management of each portfolio of capital within the household, utilizing our high-quality process, with a focus on maximizing after-tax returns.
  4. Reporting
    1. Richardson Wealth online portal access
    2. Monthly Custodian Statement of Account
    3. Quarterly Portfolio Summary
    4. Annual Tax Reporting
  5. Communication
    1. Quarterly Client Insights Letter
    2. Optional enrollment in daily Launch Pad and weekly Market Ethos publications
    3. Annual review meeting, at minimum


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