Our Solutions

Our Investment Portfolios

We at McCulloch & Partners know that the ability for individual investors to access capital markets and create their own cost effective investment portfolios is easier than ever before. This is why our mission within our portfolio construction and management is to build truly diversified portfolios that align to your personal risk and return profile. We achieve this by following a diligent investment process that incorporates a broad view of macroeconomic factors as well as fundamental analysis on each of our prospective investment holdings.

McCulloch & Partners manages portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means that our Portfolio Managers assume the responsibility for the creation and ongoing management of our client portfolios.  Throughout our portfolio construction and maintenance process, we seek to build out the best possible combination of holdings with considerable attention paid to weighing the explicit and implicit costs and benefits for each allocation in relation to the overall portfolio. Each portfolio is custom built according to your personal Investment Policy Statement, and are comprised of individual holdings of stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, and pooled funds.


Our Comprehensive Financial Solution

At McCulloch & Partners, we understand that the actual investment portfolio is but one part of your financial solution. That is why we are pleased to offer access to Richardson Wealth's in house Tax & Estate Planning Team to all of our clients. Our clients at McCulloch & Partners can choose to leverage this partnership to allow us to provide a one-stop shop for all your financial needs. We would be happy to provide more information about how McCulloch & Partners can offer insights and solutions to your complete financial situation.