Institutional Clients

We categorize clients that are not associated with a private client household as Institutional. This can include, but is not limited to: Trusts, Foundations, Charitable Organizations, Professional Corporations, and Corporate.




IPS Development

We work with the investment committees, boards, and beneficial owners towards the identification and development of the goals of the entity, as well as education and discussion around acceptable level of risk that can be taken towards the achievement of those goals. We identify and define the various pools of capital under the entity, as well as the taxability of the entity. This work is formalized in the Investment Policy Statement.

Portfolio Management

With the identification, definition, and IPS development for the various pools of capital under the entity completed, we construct and implement unique portfolio solutions specific to each identifiable pool of capital across our clients, utilizing our high-quality portfolio management process. Please see our portfolios tab for a deeper look into our institutional-grade portfolio management process. We manage our clients’ portfolios with a focus on tax efficiency, we strive to maximize the after-tax return on our clients' capital.


What our Institutional Clients Receive


  1. Comprehensive discovery process, including identification of various pools of capital, and definition of associated risk profile and goals for each capital pool.
  2. Development of investment policy statement for each capital pool
  3. Construction, implementation, and ongoing management of each portfolio of capital utilizing our institutional grade portfolio management process, with a focus on maximizing after-tax returns.
  4. Reporting
    1. Richardson Wealth online portal access
    2. Monthly custodian statement of account
    3. Custom quarterly portfolio summary
  5. Communication
    1. Quarterly Client Insights Letter
    2. Optional enrollment in daily Launch Pad and weekly Market Ethos publications
    3. Annual review meeting, at minimum


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