Welcome to McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel



McCulloch & Partners Wealth Counsel is partnered with Richardson Wealth, the largest independent wealth advisory firm in Canada, with our team headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

At McCulloch & Partners, our team seeks to provide personalized, risk-managed investment solutions to affluent Individuals and Families, Trusts, Foundations, and Corporations across Canada. Our clients come from various backgrounds encompassing all spheres of life. To that end, here at McCulloch & Partners, we understand that each of our clients are unique, and as such, our approach entails providing each client with a specific, personalized financial and investment solution that caters to their needs and goals.

We provide this to our clients through our two main offerings:

1. Discretionary Investment Management

McCulloch & Partners directly builds and manages investment portfolios with a focus on targeting attractive longer-term, tax-efficient rates of return for our clients. Our portfolios are custom built and globally diversified, utilizing various risk-management tools to achieve each client's target return with taking as little risk as possible and maintaining a strong capital preservation philosophy that is rooted in the core of our investment philosophy.

2. Leveraging our Richardson Wealth in-house Tax & Estate Planning Team

As a partner with Richardson Wealth Ltd, all of our clients receive access to the broad depth and knowledge our in-house Tax & Estate Planning (TEP) group. This enables us to work with our clients to construct and deliver detailed financial and estate planning solutions, around which your personalized investment strategy is formed and becomes a piece of your overall financial picture.