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All Eyes Turn Towards the US Election

Published by McCulloch & Partners on Dec 02, 2020

Fixed Income On the below chart, we break out the Canadian bond universe into federal, provincial, and corporate components as well as slice by maturity. In each pane, the dashed red line is the Canada Bond Universe, which is the aggregate of these subsections... Read more
Fireside Conversations- What to make of 2020 so far, and what comes next?
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Published by McCulloch & Partners on Sep 15, 2020

The following is a conversation with a hypothetical client Client- It has been a wild year; we are still battling through the COVID pandemic and the related economic fallout from the lockdowns. What are your thoughts on 2020 so far? McCulloch & Partners-... Read more
Quarterly Insights- Wrapping Up a Decade

Published by McCulloch & Partners Investment Counsel on Jan 08, 2020

Global financial markets closed out the decade in style, with both bond and equity markets globally exhibiting strong performance in 2019.... Read more
Politics Leads to Increasing Volatility

Published by McCulloch & Partners Investment Counsel on Oct 22, 2019

US equity markets have continued to display resiliency in the face of continued geopolitical risk, centered around the ebb and flow of the trade war and rhetoric coming from Washington and Beijing.... Read more