Wealth Planning

Integrating your goals, your values, and your legacy

Relationships are at the core of our wealth planning philosophy. We strive to understand the things that drive you and the experiences that have shaped your mindset surrounding money. Combined with your goals, needs, concerns, and risk tolerance, these elements form the basis of a comprehensive and dynamic wealth plan. We look at each insight from the perspective of tax, estate, insurance, and investing to align your big picture with the seemingly smallest details. 

In addition to our nearly 30 years of experience, our clients have access to Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of lawyers, accountants, insurance professionals, tax experts as well as financial and estate planners. 



  • Initial meeting to understand your goals and see if they align with our approach.

  • Gather documents and move through our extensive proprietary checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

  • Evaluate your current financial position, including your tax situation and portfolio.



  • Develop a plan that aligns your wealth with your ambitions.

  • Present the plan and validate that it meets your approval — adjust as needed.

  • Discuss any questions that may arise.



  • Convert draft plan into formalized Investment Policy Statement and Wealth Plan.

  • Implement recommendations.

  • Re-align investment portfolio with goals.

Computer monitor


  • Monitor and measure your progress.

  • Meet annually, biannually, or quarterly according to your situation to review and re-align your plan as life changes.

Start developing your comprehensive wealth plan now. Please contact us for more information or to book a call.