Danny Montesi
Investment Advisor
Tel: 514.693.6530

As an Investment Advisor, Danny’s job is to build connections with clients and their goals. His passion has always been the moments spent helping clients identify their vision and how their wealth will get them there. It’s what has driven him for the past two decades.

Danny’s start as an investment advisor followed a career in music as an educator, composer and conductor of a 40-piece orchestra. Music gave him a sense of discipline and a sensitivity to the ever-shifting mood of the audience, foundational skills that served him well when he made the transition to financial planning. He spent the next two decades at IG Wealth Management, applying those skills and teaching clients how to shift behaviours towards goal-based thinking. In 2021, Danny brought his practice to Richardson Wealth in search of greater freedom to do what was right for his clients and expand his philosophies as a financial planner.

When he’s not connecting with clients, Danny is spending time with his wife and two children. He enjoys chess and every day before leaving the house, he makes time to pick up an instrument and play for 30-minutes.

Manon Bonin
Associate, Team Coordinator
Tel: 514.693.6531

Manon thrives off the day-to-day interactions with clients. While every client has a direct line to Danny, Manon is the key touchpoint for any requests. She also manages the daily business operations, tracking client goals and advocating for clients as needed.

Manon started her career in financial services as a bank teller before transitioning to group benefits and later, mutual funds. After spending the majority of her career working in corporate roles, including a few insurance firm acquisitions, merging life and investment departments through the transition, system conversion and adjusted staffing needs, Manon decided to leave that world to work closer to home and family. That’s when Manon and Danny met. Manon was drawn to Danny’s energy and entrepreneurial nature and joined his team four years ago. Manon’s innate sense of client relationships combined with her deep understanding of insurance and mutual funds makes her a key partner for Danny.    

Manon is a Fellow, Life Management Institute and Fellow, Life and Health Claims and holds the Professional Customer Service designation.

Manon’s daughter, her daughter’s husband and their two children are precious to her and she puts them at the center of much of her life planning. To balance the cerebral aspects finance brings to Manon’s life, she is also a natural artist in a variety of mediums. She also enjoys travelling.

Annette Cyr
Tel: 514.693.6532

Annette keeps the team’s daily transactions on track, seamlessly shifting between administrative duties, client requests and scheduling needs. An asset to the team since 2019, Annette was drawn to the industry’s dynamic environment and the day-to-day interaction with people.

Prior to joining Danny’s team, Annette spent a decade in hotel services as a receptionist working with VIP clientele. That role instilled the importance of offering exceptional customer service, a trait that she puts into use every day in her current role. Thanks to her roles as a logistics coordinator at a firm providing management and IT training to one of the largest transportation companies in Canada, and in compliance within the pharmaceutical industry, Annette’s an expert organizer and coordinates complex requests from our clients with ease. In 2021, she made the move to Richardson Wealth alongside Danny Montesi and the team.

Beyond the office, Annette is passionate about volleyball and is a member of a volleyball club. She also enjoys spending her time kayaking, camping, travelling and woodworking.