Enhanced Wealth Services

Going beyond to offer you peace of mind

Planning is never static; our clients' needs evolve. Zicha Wealth Management Group knows our strengths – an analytical approach to comprehensive planning and a deep understanding of the financial markets and economic forecast. We also know when to tap into our in-house expertise and outside professionals to better simplify your life. The goal is to let you focus on the benefits of your hard-earned success and pursue the things that enrich your life.

In addition to our wide range of investment products and solutions, we offer value-added services to effectively manage your wealth. Many of these services are complimentary for our clients and are designed to provide comprehensive support for your financial needs.

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Integration with Other Service Providers

We seamlessly integrate your investment plan with key service providers, such as your lawyer or accountant, to ensure cohesive and well-coordinated financial management.

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Financial Planning Services

We offer access to personalized financial planning services, including an extensive financial plan that addresses cash flow, tax strategies, investments, retirement, insurance, and estate planning.

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Will and Estate Planning Consultations

We provide consultations with accredited will and estate experts to assist you in creating effective wills and estate plans.

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Registered Estate Processing

We implement efficient processing of registered estates, including tax reporting and T3 returns.

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Registered Estate Tax Planning

Our team offers expert guidance on multiple and contingent beneficiary designations to optimize your estate's tax planning.

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Insurance Consulting

Drawing from our insurance team, we provide comprehensive insurance consulting on individual life, health, segregated fund, and annuity solutions.

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Custody and Safekeeping

We offer secure custody and safekeeping services for your valuable assets.

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Annual Consolidated Tax Reporting

To simplify your taxes, we provide streamlined tax reporting, including dispositions with book costs.

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Research and Commentary

Upon request, we can give you access to research, commentary, and information on specific holdings, markets, or economies so you understand how every position in your portfolio aligns with your goals.

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Automatic Contributions and Withdrawals

To keep you on track with your financial goals, we offer convenient automatic account contributions and withdrawals.

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Automatic Mutual Fund Plans

We help with effortless mutual fund purchase and redemption plans for added convenience.

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Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Capabilities

We offer convenient and secure electronic funds transfers.