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Forms and events

Allow your audience to interact with you

Typically, forms and events are added to a page as a value-add, providing an easy opportunity for your clients to stay engaged. Below you will find an example of some of the customizable sections of a form.

Events can also be customized and include a call to action for users to RSVP. Add the events widget if you hold events frequently. You don't want this to stand dormant on your website. See below for how Events will display on your website.



There are no events to show
There are no events to show
Provide an easy way for users to contact you.

Drive users to contact you through your website content.

Popular queries:
- Ask me a question.
- Get in touch.

Forms can be customized to include the following:
- Customizable text box
- Email
- Check boxes
- Multiple choice
- Dropdowns
- Link to external websites

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