Successful families

Plan your legacy

We recognize the importance of family legacies which is why we work with you to design a legacy plan that fits your values. Whether it's simply finding the best strategy to pass that legacy on to the next generation or using your wealth to support a charity or cause you're passionate about, we can help you make a difference in your lifetime.

Protect your family’s assets

As family wealth grows, it becomes more nuanced. We work with you to design a plan that protects your family’s assets as your family grows and you move through all of life’s milestones. We focus on tax optimization and putting plans in place for scenarios from marriages to generational wealth transfer.

Prepare a will

A will is an important part of wealth planning. We’re adamant believers in the Willing Wisdom Index estate planning checklist, a ten-minute tool we can use to help design an estate plan that can set you up for the years ahead.

Support the next generation

Working alongside our tax and estate planning team, we leverage a variety of strategies from RESPs to family trusts, to help your children on their path to adulthood.


Insurance comes in a lot of different forms. Drawing from our expertise as family wealth advisors and leveraging our in-house team of experts, we design an insurance strategy that protects you and what you love most.