Business Owners

Business owners and incorporated professionals

Tap into the benefits of incorporation

Incorporation is an important strategy for business owners and professionals. We help you navigate some of the key benefits from lowering your annual tax requirements and efficiently diversifying your investments and cash flow to leveraging incorporation as a way to involve your family in the business and pass on the benefits to them.

Plan for retirement

Governments and large institutions have pension plans – it should be no different for business owners. We can help design an individual pension plan that gives you access to the same structural benefits and enhanced retirement savings that a large institution’s pension plan would.

Support your family

We recognize that your needs as a business owner often work alongside your family’s needs. We can help develop the strategies that align those goals – whether it’s funding your children’s RESP in a strategic way or planning ahead for life’s other milestones.


As business owners and incorporated professionals, insurance plays a vital role in not just your overall wealth plan but the success of your business. We work through the intricacies with you and our in-house experts to help find the right kind of insurance to protect your business and your family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Secure your estate and plan ahead for succession

We help you build a roadmap for those transitionary moments, putting the pieces in place to protect and secure the wealth and hard work you’ve put into your business in preparation for a sale or succession. And we do so in a way that is tax optimized and aligns with both your goals as a business owner and family.

A will is also an important part of wealth planning. We’re adamant believers in the Willing Wisdom Index estate planning checklist, a ten-minute tool we can use to help design an estate plan that can set you up for the years ahead.