Best-in-class services and solutions

Supporting our Portfolio Managers is a team of top practitioners — internal and external — identifying the best wealth management strategies available. YD Wealth Partners has the freedom to access these ideas or develop their own in order to create the right plan for you.

A) Our in-house Financial Planning Experts

We believe in taking a holistic approach to managing your wealth, including strategies to preserve, enhance and transition it to the people and causes you care most about. Our in-house financial planning experts, including lawyers, estate planners and tax advisors, work directly with you and the YD Wealth Partners to address specific needs, including tax and estate planning, insurance, philanthropy, and succession of businesses, farms and cottages.

B) Exclusive investment products

Our insight and knowledge opens doors to opportunities in every shape and size, many of which are exclusive to Richardson Wealth. Our goal is to provide a wide breadth of new, customized solutions to improve diversification, maximize returns and minimize volatility and risk within your portfolio.

C) Superior internal and third-party research

To help our Portfolio Managers identify opportunities and manage the impact of evolving situations to enhance and protect your wealth, we offer access to top global investment research firms.

D) Institutional-quality wealth management services

Richardson Wealth delivers an enhanced portfolio of exclusive wealth management services including:

  • asset management
  • alternative investments
  • broader suite of fixed income product including proven high-yield debt
  • and convertible bonds
  • investment banking
  • expanded private equity opportunities
  • trade desk capabilities