Alignvest Student Housing 2021 Q4 Update

Alignvest Student Housing REIT - Q4 2021 Management Report


Included in the "Income", Volatility Management" as well as "Aspirational" buckets, the Alignvest Student Housing REIT plays multiple roles in your portfolio design.

Student Housing is an Alternative investment that is less liquid and longer term in nature. For giving up this liquidity, we expect to achieve above average returns over a normal business cycle of 5 to 7 years.

With it's attractive 5.5% annual yield, distributed monthly, it provides a steady source of income.

As an investment considered to be non-correlated to the main markets, it gives volatility protection against market downside.

As an investment that we expect to hold for a longer period of time for a higher return, it fits into our aspirational investment sleeve.  Aspirational investing is done with greater intention for higher impact, diversification and ultimately higher returns. It also has a higher risk profile.


With Canadian universities issuing return-to-campus announcements in September 2021, high-quality student accommodations were in high demand. Throughout 2021, occupancy in the privately managed properties was at 98%, with 98% of rents collected. 100% of rents were collected from it's university managed properties.

The numbers show us that performance for this fund has returned to pre-pandemic levels. As such, the management team completed a successful fund raiser in Q4 and have a coast-to-coast pipeline for new investment acquisitions.

The 2021 Q4 Management Report has enhanced financial disclosure and commentary including:

Performance Update with Q4 Highlights
Management Overview of 2021
Year End Appraisal & Portfolio Summary
List of Properties
Operations/Leasing Update
Finance Update

The full report can be found here.