Fidelity Global Innovators Fund Update

This time of year, we meet with our investment partners to get their recap on the past year and their outlooks on what they see ahead. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more information with you about the investments you own; where it fits into you portfolio and why.

Asset allocation is so important. We spend a great deal of time designing your portfolio with the knowledge that not everything will move up at the same time. Behind the scenes, we meet with our investment partners to ensure that they are staying true to their investment thesis. That's certainly the case with Mark. While the road ahead may be bumpy, we're confident that he and his team's dedication to researching the next big trends will continue to earn the Fidelity Global Innovators Fund a place in the Capital Growth portion of your portfolio.


PM Mark Schmehl was a keynote speaker at The Fidelity Vision 2022 Conference recently and provided what we thought was an excellent and candid conversation. Our team at Fidelity took thorough notes from the session that we are happy to share with you. Mark talked about his performance in 2021, thoughts looking forward in 2022, growth versus value, inflation, crypto, banks, IPOs and more.

Mark freely admits that his "strategy agnostic" approach, an approach that could be said to favour momentum with a "rate of change focus", will struggle in an investment environment that has drastically shifted towards a "valuation reset" over the last four weeks. Regardless, Mark remains focused on investing in good businesses, searching for "themes of change" over valuation. 

For more details from Mark's update, please click here.