The client experience

What can you, the client, expect from us at the Twyman Wealth Group?

You can expect a personalized and thorough process. The first step, the foundation, is a two-step process. First, we will have an introductory meeting where we will work through an investor questionnaire. This document will help us to go over your financial goals, risk profile, and risk tolerance with you. This step will be followed by the development of a personalized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), that will be tailored to your goals, constraints, and specific risk appetite as determined through the questionnaire. This personalized IPS will outline the guidelines and strategies that will be used in the handling of your Portfolio Managed Accounts. The IPS will define such things as: personal cash needs presently and in the future, the overall portfolio asset allocation and acceptable deviation ranges, the possible uses of margin, the types of investments allowed and not allowed in the portfolio, as well as the types of options strategies allowable on the portfolio, and the development of an acceptable and representative benchmark for the portfolio to be measured against.

The second aspect of the client experience is the communication between us, the portfolio managers, and yourself, the client. This communication is done through scheduled portfolio reviews and update calls. We recognize that every client is different, and each client has their own views as to what sort of communication level is optimal for them. As such, during the construction of the Investment Policy Statement, there will be the setting of the time period of official reviews for the portfolio and the IPS, as well as the determination of scheduled calls with brief updates. This allows you the client to determine a regular interval to speak with us that leaves you feeling comfortable and up-to-date with the market and your holdings.

Finally, ontop of the handling of your investment portfolios being managed according to your personalized IPS and our investment process, we would work with you to develop and implement a complete financial plan of action. Through Richardson Wealth, we have access to a full spectrum of specialists in fields such as insurance, tax, and estate planning. Leveraging these resources, we have the ability to service a wide range of financial needs, resulting in a very thorough experience for you, the client.

Have Questions?

We would be glad to speak with you in more detail regarding our Portfolio Managed Account program and how it can become a viable solution for you. Please go to our Contact Us page for the best ways to reach out to our team.