Portfolio Managed Accounts (PMA)

What is a Portfolio Managed Account?

Portfolio Managed Accounts are perfect tools for individuals who wish to have their money fully managed by an investment professional. These accounts differ from asset-managed accounts and traditional commission based trading accounts in that day-to-day trading decisions and overall portfolio allocation decisions are made at the discretion of the portfolio manager, according to our personalized investment process.

All PMA accounts are structured as fee-based accounts, and can provide a very cost-effective way to have your money professionally managed. The ability for the portfolio manager to enter and exit positions quickly allows them to be nimble and react/take advantage of market conditions to the maximum effect for you, the client. Two excellent examples of this is a) the ability to build a position over time, as opposed to buying a full position in one go in order to not have to charge the client for multiple trades, and b) the ability to block trade for PMA accounts, which means that all clients who we are performing an action for on a position get the same price of execution.

Moreover, the fee-based cost structure provides a strong linking of interests between the portfolio manager and the client, and the IPS provides a higher level of understanding and communication between myself and the client, as the IPS is a far-more detailed outline of your risk profile, and asset allocation parameters. Overall, we feel that the PMA program can provide an enhanced and more complete client experience for you, the client.

Have Questions?

We would be glad to speak with you in more detail regarding our Portfolio Managed Account program and how it can become a viable solution for you. Please go to our Contact Us page for the best ways to reach out to our team.