Prosperity planning partnership

"Should I plan now for my capital loss at retirement?”  

“I don’t have time to address my own personal financial planning”  

“Can I hold this security in my portfolio?”

“I don’t have an existing/up-to-date will”


​Solutions for your partnership constraints

As a partner at PwC, you have earned an enviable level of respect and influence—and responsibilities that leave precious little time for you outside of work. We support existing partners at your firm, including past and present members of the PwC leadership team, and have an intimate understanding of the challenges you face as PwC partners. Let us help you solve them.
The Pritchard Wealth Management Group offers proven solutions to help you:

  • Manage independence constraints
  • Reduce your tax burden now and years from now when your partnership ends
  • Enhance your wealth through comprehensive financial planning
  • Protect your legacy by implementing appropriate estate planning strategies (including updating your Will and Power of Attorney) and education for those in your family who are not financially literate
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