What a Wealth Advisor does for you

"What stock(s) do you like these days?"

"Where do you think the market is headed?"

Understandably these are the typical questions I receive from individuals considering my chosen profession as a Wealth Advisor. Many people have taken to heart the message that most of Wall Street and Bay Street have conveyed for decades, investment advice boils down to making a forecast. However, many investors are disillusioned these days and now realize experts cannot consistently predict the future. They are now ready to embrace a new approach to managing their wealth and their future.

The primary determinant of your investment success is not portfolio performance, it’s your behavior as an investor followed closely by tax minimization. Not only is this new message the key to your intended investment success, you have 100% control over it (unlike the “market”). By simply avoiding chronic money losing behaviours like market timing and performance chasing you have a better opportunity to create significant wealth.

Wealth Advisors spend their time being client-centered not investment-centered. We focus on helping clients bring clarity to their personal goals where planning, money and time are required. This approach helps us to address their main concern “Will my family be okay down the road?”. Wise financial decisions are made when professionals collaborate as a team on your behalf, draw upon experts from the various disciplines, and ensure all the pieces fit together. Wealth Advisors coordinate these pieces while protecting you from natural impulses and unnecessary taxation.

As the financial services industry continues to evolve, you have a choice. You can choose the approach where the value proposition is tied directly to the ability to consistently forecast and choose tomorrow’s investment winners, which no one can consistently do! Or you can choose a Wealth Advisor who has a new way of thinking and a focus on helping you achieve your goals.