What We Do

Superior long-term results within the context of your risk tolerance

Investment management. We combine different but complementary money managers and strategies, and diversify by country and investment style, within an open architecture. Your Investment Policy Statement is our financial blueprint that defines your needs, desires, concerns and risk tolerance. It drives everything we do on your behalf.

Financial planning. We help you to identify your short and long-term needs, goals and parameters, creating a customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that acts as a road map to get you where you want to be, and ensures you stay on track. We liaise with your own interdependent accounting, legal and insurance professionals or recommend top experts as required.

Private and corporate cash flow planning. We plan effective cash flow strategies so that your lifestyle or corporate needs are satisfied when you require liquidity and you never experience surprises or shortfalls. We analyze your financial position, desired income and parameters and counsel you on the most advantageous, low-risk way to withdraw cash, as systematic withdrawals can erode assets.

Retirement planning. You’ve spent your whole life earning and spending freely, and retirement shouldn’t make you feel as if you’re suddenly on an allowance. We help you continue to make good financial decisions and remain behind the wheel. Today, retirement is a long time – it’s difficult to plan accurately so many years in advance for so many variables: your health, rates of return, your desires and needs, and world events. We pioneered innovative investment concepts to help you balance lifestyle for today while providing for the future and enjoy unlimited investment horizons. Ask about our proprietary retirement plan, "Retirement 3-to-5.”

Estate planning. We also provide complete Estate Planning services to pre-think the inevitability of your death, arrange to manage costs, decide how you would like your succession handled, and help you establish meaningful philanthropic contributions to stand testament to your personal values for generations.

Insurance. Protect your family in the event of the untimely death of the major income earner; a serious illness or disability that affects your income and savings; and when health services are required outside of Canada.

The succession of your business. We pay attention to what will happen to your assets and the taxes that will be owing on your own death.

Your dependents. We ensure your sons and daughters don’t spend their inheritance too quickly or fail to invest it effectively. Setting up trusts in advance passes your investment values to your heirs along with your hard-earned, carefully-tended capital. Testamentary trusts bequeath your grandchildren in a safeguarded, non-divisible manner, without putting your son’s or daughter’s marriage at odds. We advise your family with discretion and sensitivity.

Your business. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and, as we run our own business and value the spirit of enterprise, we understand the mindset and financial complexities of entrepreneurship.

Corporate investors. We offer objective, informed consultation to help your organization with succession planning and divestitures. We have access to leading capital markets specialists and fund pools that can realize your projects.

Foundation and endowments. Our team has a solid track record of capital conservation and enhancement, cash flow management and the strategic investment of organization assets.

Condominium reserve fund management. We are familiar with the investment constraints within the Condominium Act, 1998 and the sensitivities in dealing with Condominium Boards. We allocate bonds to a variety of maturities, including short- and longer-term bonds, within the liquidity constraints of the portfolio. We ensure that all bonds mature when you need them to. When rates are relatively high, we invest in longer-term bonds. When rates are relatively low, we invest in shorter-term bonds.