Stephen F. Brice
Vice President, Investment Advisor

Stephen cherishes the long-term client relationships he’s cultivated through years of open communication and attentive service. He appreciates the fact that his clients want to be involved in day-to-day investment decisions and the conversation that develops as a result.Through such engagement, Stephen enjoys growing both his clients’ investments and their relationships. Many client families now have three generations working with Stephen, who is always happy to help guide younger family members through the many different aspects of wealth management.

Stephen has a wide range of interests and a huge appetite for learning. As a member of the Victoria Rhododendron Society, he works tirelessly to keep his rhodo garden in beautiful condition. His grandparents owned an antique shop in Victoria and introduced him to collecting when he was a young child, and he continues to collect antiques and art today. As well, travel and visiting museums and galleries is high on his list of favourite things to do. These are some of the reasons he enjoys time spent with clients – not only discussing investments, but sharing common interests and discovering new ones!

Heather Esplen
Associate Investment Advisor

Heather has worked in the investment industry for over 30 years and in that time has seen a significant evolution in investment practices, client needs and compliance expectations. She has also gained an extensive appreciation of market trends as well as the need to stay current. Stephen and Heather closely supervise the investments and activity of accounts on a daily basis and are always researching the companies they recommend to clients, while also looking out for new and upcoming opportunities.

Heather’s main responsibility is the day-to-day administration of accounts and ensuring that client questions and requests are dealt with expeditiously. Heather is also the contact point for accountants and lawyers as needed during tax preparation or estate windups. Heather enjoys daily client contact and loves to hear about clients’ travels, children, grandchildren and other interests. As she likes to say:  “This business is never dull – it’s always changing and every day brings a new challenge!”

Emily Krieger CFP, CIMĀ®
Investment Advisor

Emily has over 15 years of experience working in the investment industry and has attained her CPF and CIM designations with the aim of developing her own clientele and advisory practice over the next few years. Emily provides assistance to Heather and Stephen in the administration of accounts and is always happy to answer any questions when Stephen or Heather aren’t available. When not in the office, Emily keeps busy with her young family, participating in many different activities including training for various marathons and bike races.