Our services

We’re a full-service wealth management firm and part of Richardson Wealth, Canada’s leading independent investment advisory firm.

At Richardson Wealth, we are not pressured to recommend or hold any particular product or platform. Simply put: every decision we make is in the best interest of our client.

Comprehensive financial planning

We bring 35 years of experience to every interaction. No question goes unanswered and we always work to find a strategy or solution in step with your plan. We think long-term in our approach to planning but we also know every plan needs the flexibility to adapt as your life evolves.

Diversified Investing

Guided by your investment objectives, we create a diversified investment profile that helps you achieve your goals while taking into account your values, needs and tolerance for risk.

Tax and Estate Planning

Growing wealth creates complexity. Part of working with our clients is optimizing their wealth for tax efficiency. Our access to Richardson Wealth’s in-house team of Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning experts allows us to offer unrivalled, independent advice on wealth preservation.