Our vision

Innovative investing

Serving a wide range of clients from retirement-bound couples and their families to young entrepreneurs and professionals, we specialize in active, transactional trading designed to generate a high percentage of returns over the short term. Daily, active trading is only part of a sound investment strategy; we also ensure your long-term needs are well provided for. We follow a disciplined approach to plan for your comfort in retirement, to help you fund your children’s and grandchildren’s education, and to fund major purchases, a career change or travel—whatever is important to you.

Ron Hutner has almost four decades of experience at performing due diligence and developing a valuable network of contacts. Our unique advantage is identifying superior investment opportunities and generating unique ideas that surpass what the average investor would have access to.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their wealth is growing and will be safeguarded over the broad horizon of their lives and transferred to their next generations seamlessly and tax-effectively.