Unique approach

Your financial compass

Our top priority is to ensure that you and your family achieve long-term capital preservation.

We start with a big-picture financial plan to prepare for retirement. Your wealth structure dictates your asset allocation; based on this, we select complementary independent money managers to suit your individual needs. We quarterback these managers and attorneys or accountants to balance and coordinate your entire wealth plan.

Going above and beyond

We provide peace of mind by protecting clients from undue risk and preparing them financially for all of life’s ages and stages, so they can enjoy life without worrying. Retirement is very important – and so is knowing that you and the next generation of your family will be well looked after in any eventuality. We work with integrity to enrich your life – not just to enhance your wealth.

We care deeply about our clients and go above and beyond to take good care of them. Proudly, we can say that many of them seek our advice before making any major financial decisions.

The right firm

With award-winning research, an industry-leading grasp of emerging markets, excellent advisor support and resources, a client-focused approach, and a boutique culture that eliminates bureaucracy, Richardson Wealth has the best investment platform in Canada.

We have direct support from experts in equities, fixed income, options, research analysis, and insurance to bring you sharper insights. Most importantly, we have the freedom to advise you objectively without bias to any particular product, platform or compensation plan.