Our vision

More than wealth management. A wealth of ideas.

Smart investors know that it is wise not to follow the herd too closely. I advise my clients not to behave in a way that is closely correlated with the masses.

Today, we see fewer employers offering pensions, and the few pensions that do still exist often go bankrupt. Government pension plans provide only a small fraction of what people actually need to live comfortably. Yet about one third of Canadians haven’t even considered putting money aside for retirement. Most only start an investment plan around the age of 40 and then commit far too little time and money. Afraid to lose capital, they invest in GICs or savings accounts, which yield poor returns. People starting to plan for retirement need to be extremely savvy about investing. They have a long enough time horizon to achieve growth, but need the guidance of an experienced advisor with the finest resources to minimize risk and make the most of the time that remains to compound their assets.

I have the acumen, global resources and strong financial backing to deliver sound, strategic investment leadership using a variety of proven tools and resources to families and small business owners. With a sound plan in place to satisfy your financial goals and needs, you can relax and concentrate on living a long and inspired life.