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A balanced and strategic approach to enhancing your capital

I have a strong track record of yielding steady, consistent returns through a balanced approach that is sometimes conservative but rarely aggressive. According to each investor’s unique risk tolerance, preferences and needs, I construct portfolios of corporate bonds, other fixed income instruments, equities, funds, and alternative investments. Many people buy GICs or CSBs at a very low rate of return. I can help you to generate more than double the rates these bonds pay , safely.

Using a range of products (income investments and non-correlated assets like corporate bonds, convertible bonds, preferred shares, market-neutral funds), I provide a regular income to smooth out your returns over time and provide the opportunity for growth. This is a far wiser strategy than trying to beat the market and riding out the highs and lows that result.

Corporate bonds. Corporate bonds work like government bonds, but usually pay over twice as much interest. They enhance your returns, balance your portfolio and safeguard against loss. They are available in a wide range of maturities, from 1- to 30-year terms. Unlike GICs, they can be bought and sold prior to their maturity dates without built-in-penalties. Convertible bonds are corporate bonds that can be converted into equities. They offer all the advantages of corporate bonds and also provide both the yield from the bond and shares in the company once the bonds are converted into equities.

Time is your ally. Too often, people come to me in a panic at the age of 40 because they have not invested for the future. Start earlier to take advantage of the enormous power of compounding. To calculate how long it will take to generate the funds you need, or how much you need to generate in a given time period, use the Rule of 72: your money will double according to this formula: 72 divided by your return (whatever return or interest your investments are yielding in a given year) equals the number of years it will take your money to double using that mode of investing. Example: A 32-year-old who invests his inheritance of $200,000 at a 9% rate of return will have $3.1 million by the time he is 64 and ready to retire in style. Rule of 72 calculator

Alternative investing. Alternative investments, such as high-quality, authentic, market-neutral hedge funds, add extra growth potential and further diversify your portfolio.

Communication. You can expect to meet with me quarterly, or more often if you wish. Reporting is done in person, so you can ask questions about your assets or financial strategy. Monthly statements are issued and you can check the status of your investments online at any time.