Our services

Timely and comprehensive investment management

We strive to create maximum value for our clients. Expect the finest investment advice available from us, whether portfolio stock selection or comprehensive wealth management advice.
Transactional services. We seek to enhance your wealth by selecting companies most likely to garner superior returns. We look for soon-to-be successful firms in which we can invest at bargain basement prices that will ultimately grow in value exponentially. Then, we invest the capital you earn in potentially more secure vehicles.  

We identify growth opportunities by building relationships with the country's most successful entrepreneurs/business leaders who have a track record of running profitable companies. We monitor their performance and cultivate relationships with those showing the most promise. If you are interested in investing in a particular commodity, sector or company, my team and I will provide the necessary research and recommendations to help you reach an informed decision.

Business development assistance

Our team can:

  • Handle Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to take a company public

  • Finance ventures through our corporate finance specialists from projects to companies

  • Handle flow-throughs — tax advantage investments in Canadian natural resource companies

  • Create a Capital Pool Corporation (CPC), a public company that has been formed with no assets other than cash and a board of directors to finance and build an emerging venture.

Equities. We recommend the pragmatic approach to portfolio risk management and diversification of David Burrows, President of Barometer Capital Inc. His Lakeview Disciplined Leadership Funds™ offer a systematic approach that minimizes emotion and focuses on a few select stocks. Managed by industry legend David Burrows and his associates, one of their key mandates is managing risk and capturing opportunity by assessing the potential inherent in a variety of sectors.