Astute wealth leadership. White-glove service.

As a client of Michael Brook, there are several advantages you can expect that will create an elevated wealth management experience:

Regular contact and communication. You will hear from Michael quarterly at a minimum. All his clients have been referred through satisfied investors, so it has been easy for him to establish trust, though he continues to earn it every day by staying accessible and ensuring clarity.

Boutique service. Michael advises a broad range of investors –entrepreneurs who own their own businesses, established multigenerational families, young people just starting their careers, and retirees who need income-generating portfolios. He seeks like-minded people who value his structured, disciplined, long-term approach. He does not recommend mass-market mutual funds or one-off investment recommendations, but crafts highly-tailored, personalized investment plans for the unique needs, risk tolerance, life stage, and preferences of each client. Michael will keep you informed with personal communications and educational updates.

Freedom from worry and pressure. As a Portfolio Manager with the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation, Michael is qualified to perform discretionary portfolio management, leveraging your trust to free you from the pressure of making daily investment decisions. He simply adjusts your portfolio as opportunities arise or as market shifts occur. Unlike most investors, you have direct contact to the Portfolio Manager any time you have concerns, questions, or special preferences.

Savvy tax planning. Michael’s holistic approach focuses on tax efficiency, making sure you are holding the right assets in the right accounts. He leverages the resources of the Richardson GMP Tax & Estate Planning team to address your estate, tax, philanthropy, insurance, business succession, and wealth transfer needs. Tax is a particular concern for time-strapped business owners who appreciate having Michael at the table to ensure all efficiencies are being maximized.