Michael Brook, CIM®, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor

Michael Brook specializes in helping individuals, families and business owners to manage their wealth wisely and feel financially secure. His disciplined, expert and prudent investment and financial planning solutions will help you achieve your aspirations by managing what you can and protecting what you can't.

Through a long-term, personalized relationship, Michael will work with you to understand your goals and priorities, tailor an investment strategy, and implement solutions designed to maximize returns while minimizing tax and risk.

Following a disciplined, systematic approach, Michael builds portfolios that are broadly diversified:

  • Geographically (between Canada, the U.S., and global developed markets);

  • Across asset classes (allocated to cash, fixed income, or equity securities); and

  • Across industries (going well beyond the oil patch to invest in a wide range of high-performing sectors).

Contact Michael to learn how he can help protect and enhance what's most important to you.

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