Our vision


Building your wealth

Understanding your goals and your risk tolerance, The Mactaggart Hryn Team views every opportunity through your investment lens, ensuring the reliability and merits as a solution designed to build your personal assets — long before we bring any advice your way. 

We strive to deliver the best possible performance, but we also appreciate the need to protect your portfolio at a time when a volatile market can impact your investments. Our disciplined and agile approach, coupled with frequent communication with you, is designed to help you feel comfortable regardless of market conditions. 

Our knowledge is your power

Learning is one of our core values because we know that a constant commitment to knowledge is essential in our business. The Mactaggart Hryn Team is an expert group comprising a depth of financial and intellectual capital rooted in a strong commitment to formal education coupled with many years of direct experience.
Whether we’re keeping up with industry journals and news, attending conferences to stay abreast of legislative changes, or travelling the country to learn more about emerging opportunities, our thirst for information ensures we are fully up to speed on the trends and issues, understand what to shy away from and why, and can always provide the most precise and timely investment and retirement advice to our clients.
Richardson Wealth is the ideal partner — an independent, top-rated Canadian wealth management firm managing more than $25 billion in assets, and focused on serving successful families and entrepreneurs. Richardson Wealth is providing value to Mactaggart Hryn Team clients through its global reach, independence and a streamlined platform that enables us to efficiently build your portfolio without bias and with access to a virtually unlimited universe of investment options.

Our values

At The Mactaggart Hryn Team, every single decision we make is guided by our corporate and personal values, as follows:

  • Community — we pledge to be community leaders, volunteers and financial supporters.
  • Diligence — we will leave no stone unturned in our attention to detail and investment analysis.
  • Family — guiding our employment practices and choices in community support.
  • Integrity — our trust is earned with honesty and ethical practices — in our actions, and those of our investment choices.
  • Learning — we remain apprised of emerging trends in wealth management and retirement planning.
  • Relationships — we care to build authentic relationships with our clients.
  • Transparency — we ensure frequent and clear communication, and are always available to answer questions.