Incorporated Professionals and Wealth Planning

Trustworthy advice that serves your best interests

Regardless of your field of expertise, doctor. dentist, lawyer, accountant. If you are an incorporated professional and generate your income through an active corporation, YOU NEED TO PLAN!

We recognize that for most specialized professionals, many years of education and training are ultimately rewarding from a financial perspective, but given that few possess formal Wealth Planning education, there will always be exposures and vulnerabilities to bad or equally dangerous, incomplete advice.

That’s why it’s critical to distinguish between proper wealth management expertise and run of the mill advice. At Searle Wealth Management, we offer our limited family of clients a holistic and customized approach to wealth planning that addresses your specific financial and related circumstances.

Please email me to get start your complimentary Wealth Plan and take your first steps towards a confident and complete financial future.

Solutions for your practice

Professional incorporation
Holding companies and taxation
Individual pension plans

Personal wealth strategies

Income splitting opportunities and the income attribution rules
Spousal loan
Will planning
Introduction to trusts
Estate record keeping


How affluent Canadians use life insurance
Estate bond
Insuring what matters most