Intergenerational Wealth Transfer 

Regardless of complexity or size, we can help prepare your estate to efficiently pass down assets to future generations

Success and complexity often come hand in hand. We offer access to a group of tax and estate experts who have accumulated significant experience and wisdom helping clients prepare their estates to efficiently pass down their assets to future generations.

Insurance solutions

Family wealth transfer plans

Many are not aware that Life Insurance can be used as an effective way of accumulating and transferring wealth. The Family Wealth Transfer Plan is not unlike other permanent insurance strategies that transfer non registered savings from a tax exposed investment to an exempt life insurance policy. What makes this concept different is the owner of the policy is purchasing life insurance on a child or grandchild. This will allow the parent or grandparent to defer tax by passing down assets to the next generation through a life insurance policy tax free. It also gives the owner control of the deposits and investment selection of the plan while they are alive.

Estate bonds

An estate bond, or insured inheritance, is a financial strategy that allows you to maximize the tax-free transfer of your estate to your heirs.

This financial strategy calls for the purchase of a life insurance policy which allows you to accumulate savings. In addition to providing you with immediate life insurance coverage, this strategy allows you to invest excess cash in the policy. The income from the investment does not need to be included in your tax return, thus minimizing your annual taxes. When you die, the death benefit, the investments and the accrued income of the policy will be paid to your beneficiaries on a tax-free basis, allowing for the optimal transfer of your estate.

Estate preservation

Registered Retirement Savings Plans, Registered Retirement Income Funds and other registered plans are a main source of retirement income for many individuals. But what happens to your registered funds when you die?

Registered funds can be passed to a spouse tax-free on death. However, if these funds are passed to someone else, this will not occur tax free. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will include in your income the value of your registered funds at death. The same consequence may apply on other assets such as a second property or vacation home. This means that a significant portion will be lost to tax which will have a negative impact on the size of their estate.

Insured Annuity

An Insured Annuity is an arrangement that involves the purchase of two contracts: a life annuity and a life insurance policy. The combination of these contracts creates a locked-in, fixed income investment that is typically attractive to individuals who are retired or approaching retirement. The objective is to provide a better after-tax rate of return than traditional fixed income investments, while preserving the capital through life insurance.


  • Guaranteed, tax efficient income for life
  • Guaranteed death benefit
  • Annuity income qualifies for the pension income tax credit
  • Potential to outperform the after tax rate of return of traditional fixed income investments
  • Worry free financial management
  • Potential to reduce or eliminate the Old Age Security claw back
  • Avoiding probate fees (1)

Insuring your children

No one likes to talk about it because no one wants to entertain the thought. Parents dare not imagine for a single moment the possibility of one of their children receiving the diagnosis of a critical illness or passing away.

Yet, not talking and not thinking about the financial consequences of unfortunate events such as a critical illness or the death of one of our children, does not make the possibility of these situations less likely. Having sufficient and appropriate insurance coverage for parents and children is an integral part of family financial planning. In fact, the best time to purchase life insurance is when you are young and in fine health. However, before insuring your children, you should first ensure that you are properly covered in the event of loss of income, illness or death.
1. Probate fees are not applicable in Quebec