What do our clients say about us? See for yourself!

"I started investing with Kent and his team when I was a single lady.  Now I am married and a mom of 3.  Kent and his team have helped me along the way through all of life's changes.  Not only do we have day to day peace of mind that comes with having proper insurance, we are working on saving for our retirement, our children's education.  Kent, Conor and Corrine are great to work with."

— Jolene S.

“I have been working with Kent since my family was very young, not only has he been growing my portfolio but as my family has grown he has started to work with them to save and build for their future. Kent and his team provide great service to meet individual personal needs.”

— Barb C.

"Kent is a very personable and knowledgeable investor. He is always willing to take time to talk and to keep in touch. This kind of excellent service is what everyone expects but rarely receives. I am very glad I choose Kent as my financial advisor."

— Carl O.

“My husband and I have worked with Kent over the past few years and due to his personalized full-service approach to financial management, we have established a strong working relationship. Kent's commitment, time, and dedication to ensuring that our investments are aligned with our goals, values, and risk tolerance has contributed significantly to our financial security. Simply put, Kent has acted as the stabilizing factor to our finances and has instilled confidence about the future.”

— Leanna C.

"I have been using Kent's financial assistance  for more than 10 years now, following his career across 3 different investment companies. Although the markets and investments have seen some struggles throughout this time my net worth has seen overall growth and continues to hold at a level which gives me the confidence that I will enjoy a retirement without financial stress. Kent and his team communicate how my investments are doing on an ongoing basis and are always prepared to discuss in detail how my personal investments are reacting and are willing to make changes to fit my needs. I feel I have good flexibility with my retirement income that allows me to adjust to my changing needs."

— Don E.